Summer Fun!

School is out for the summer!! During their well deserved break from school, children may gain a tan, or grow a few inches taller. But research tells us that they tend to lose something as well, some of the the academic strides they made during the previous school year. One of the best ways to avoid this backsliding is to involve children in summertime activities that challenge their minds, according to experts. Below are a few suggestions on ways to keep skills sharp in math, reading, and writing over the next couple of months.

MATH: skills can be worked into every day activities such as taking your student grocery shopping with you and having him/her keep track of what you are spending, adding up the cost by rounding to the nearest dollar, as you place things in the cart or try to figure out which product is the better buy! When cooking, have him/her figure out how to halve or double a recipe, writing down what the new amounts would be. Keep track of batting averages, or choose a stock and have him/her calculate the percent gained or lost at the closing of each day. Make a line graph of the results.

A lot of preparation is not necessary to keep math skills sharp. Your child’s enVision Math journals are an excellent resource for you to browse through for ideas on concepts that were covered this year as well as for a look ahead to 6th grade.  If you feel that having specific worksheets would be helpful, Lakeshore Learning in Bellevue has inexpensive materials that can be challenging and fun. Additionally, here is a list of websites that we recommend for summer practice:



Illustrative Math:

Arithmetic Arcade:


Khan Academy:

Learn Zillions:

Sheppard Software:

APlus Math:

FunBrain Math:

Dad’s Worksheets:

The following site is exceptional for mindset and math topics as well as challenges



READING AND WRITING: can be kept strong in a variety of ways. Joining your neighborhood library’s summer reading program can be fun. Writing letters to family and friends keeping them up to date on what your student is doing this summer is a great way to keep the writing flowing. Complete the Wordly Wise book.  The stories in them a filled with wonderful opportunities to work on comprehension skills. For more suggestions click here and/or click here. For a great list of books for summer reading, refer to the reading list you will find on the Chapter Books page (under 5th Grade tab) for book ideas.

SCIENCE:  Magnets STEAM Workbook 

A little time invested during these next couple of months can ease the transition into sixth grade and will aid your child in smoothly slipping back into school in the fall.

Happy Summer !!