Spelling Weekly Lists

Our Spelling Program teaches the students “priority core words” from a list that has been researched and compiled from the 1200 most frequently used words in writing. These “priority words” are the words that will come up over and over again in their reading and writing.

Each week, the students will be given a spelling dictation which consists of 4 sentences. From week to week, the sentences continually review words previously learned as well as contain the newly introduced words for the specific lesson. The week prior to the dictation activity, the students will be given a list of the new words for studying. By using dictation as the method for assessment, not only are the students checked for their knowledge of the word spellings, but they also gain skill accurately writing what someone dictates to them. This is great skill practice for future note-taking.

Once the dictation sentences have been scored and returned to the students, they will make a list of the words missed. These lists are then to be studied as they will continue to show up over and over again in future dictation exercises. It is expected that students learn and spell these words correctly in their everyday writing.

Below are links to the individual weekly spelling lists as well as a list of all the words taught in the complete program with those introduced at fifth grade starred.




Weekly Spelling Lists
Program’s Core Word List