Second Step

The Second Step program increases kids’ school success and decreases problem behaviors by teaching them skills for learning—such as paying attention, listening, and sitting still—as well as how to manage their emotions, solve problems, and make friends. All these skills help kids do better in school and in life. In addition, there are lessons that specifically target bullying and child safety dealing with unwanted touching).  Below are the links which introduces you to the various components of the total 5th Grade Second Step curriculum. At the bottom of the introduction letter is an activation code if you are interested in accessing parent resources that compliment the program.

G5 Family Letter

G5 Family Letter Bullying Prevention Unit

G5 Family Letter Child Protection Unit


As we complete each lesson, there are Home Links that offer an opportunity for parents to actively engage with their children around topics that are introduced, discussed, and reinforced at school. They are best used following the lesson.  We will be sending these home as part of homework with most lessons we complete. There will be a week turnaround to do these.

Finally, below are links to the different posters that we will be using throughout the year. Feel free to down load them and post around the house!!


Empathy Poster

Problem-Solving Poster

Calm Down Poster

Help Stop Bullying Poster

Bystander Poster

Ways to Stay Safe Mini-Poster

Private Body Parts Rule Mini-Poster