Power Grade

Much of fifth grade is preparing the students to handle the demands of middle school. Part of that preparation is helping the students take ownership of their learning, staying on top of assignments and beginning to pay attention to the cumulative effect of single assignment grades.

We have exciting news for our fifth graders and their parents. This year, you and your student will have access to your child’s assignments and grades via Power School. Much like the middle school students and their families, each student is provided with a log-in and password with which to log on to review assignments and their scores at any time of the day or night. Along with the password, you will receive an informational “how to” brochure. This brochure will be help you navigate to Power School on your home computer.

Having this ability to log on and view individual assignment grade in Power School will allow you and your child to have better visibility of how he/she is performing at any given time. Students can self-monitor their work and strive toward increasing their personal best. For some students, this visibility helps make the connection between everyday performance and grades. Each and every assignment done becomes part of the “overall” picture. Likewise, it can help students see that one isolated poor grade is not going to necessarily make a dramatic difference in the final grade for the trimester. Parents are provided an opportunity to praise the hard work that is occurring and making adjustments in strategies for completing tasks that have been challenging.

For most students, checking grades daily is not necessary. Going on Power Grade once a week is sufficient. However, a student who struggles to keep up with daily work would benefit from more frequent check-ins to see what needs to be worked on at home.

Having access to Power School is not intended to become anxiety producing for either the student or parent. It is just another tool available to help communicate how each student is progressing on a more frequent basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email!