Google Classroom

As a 5th grader, the students are in transition year between intermediate and middle school. To Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.21.56 PMhelp prepare them for what lies ahead, we will be introducing and implementing Google Classroom with the students in a modified way. Google Classroom is a blended learning platform developed by Google for classroom use.  It aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way.

Google Classroom combines Google Drive for assignment creation and distribution, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for writing, Gmail for communication, and Google Calendar for scheduling. Students are invited to classes created by the teacher and accesses it using their student logins.

Any assignment for which I provide written directions, worksheets, packets, etc. I will also post them in the appropriate Topic Folder in 5A 2017-2018 to which all students will have access. The intent is to continue to develop a sense of student responsibility whereby, if a student forgets an assignment at school, or loses it all together, it will their responsibility to track down the assignment in Google Classroom to print a new copy. Most assignments will be in a PDF format for easy printing.

As assignments are placed in Google Classroom, if there is a specific due date associated with the work, the date and assignment name will appear on a calendar for easy tracking. If there is no due date associated with the assignment, it means that this is an ongoing activity and I track our progress toward completion in class.

Because it is an expectation that all students use Google Classroom, there will be no more excuses for why homework isn’t completed due to not having it, and I will be running to the copier less due to recopying lost worksheets!

Google Classroom provides a great tool for communication between school and home as it related to assignments. I invite you as the parent to secure your child’s login information and periodically check the calendar so you have visibility of what is flapping in the wind and may need attention from your student. In addition, when your child says, “I can’t find my spelling list for this week,” you can gently remind him/her to go find it on Google Classroom. The stress level will be greatly reduced as students learn to rely on this tool more and more! Academic independence and being responsible for one’s own learning becomes much more attainable! Exciting!