enVision Math 2.0

At Villa, we have adopted enVision 2.0 as our math program in grades 2 through 5. This program is research

5th Grade enVision 2.0

5th Grade enVision 2.0

based and embraces “classroom-proven” curriculum and instruction principles that have been shown to promote in-depth mathematical understanding needed for student success and higher achievement. Using research that shows the effectiveness of conceptual math learning as well as research demonstrating the principles for teaching with understanding, enVision 2.0 was created.

In addition to content that is aligned to the Common Core Math Standards, enVision 2.0 places an emphasis on the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. Mathematical practices are habits, processes, and mindsets that enable a student to understand mathematics and to use or do mathematics with confidence. These practices are demonstrated by observable written and verbal behaviors as students are doing math. Students engage daily with the mathematical practices standards, which are steeped throughout all aspects of the program.

The content of the program is organized to emphasize connections between standards. There is a strand of “must know” concepts for the grade level as well as strands for concepts that are not considered “must knows” but are related as well as content that is for enrichment purposes.

Each chapter or unit is identified as a Topic. Within each topic students will be entrenched in problem-based learning. Research shows that conceptual understanding is developed when new math is presented in the context of real world problems. The learning happens because the process of solving the problem requires the students to make connections to prior knowledge. The process of making connections between ideas builds understanding.

Within each Topic there is opportunity for differentiation. Challenge as well as review and support are built right into the program making it well rounded and a good fit for our students!

Below are the parent letters for each Topic. I invite you to read them to learn what each new Topic is covering as you child begins the unit of study!

Here is to a magical math year!


Parent Topic Letters:

Topic 1 Parent Letter

Topic 2 Parent Letter

Topic 3 Parent Letter

Topic 4 Parent Letter

Topic 5 Parent Letter

Topic 6 Parent Letter

Topic 7 Parent Letter

Topic 8 Parent Letter

Topic 9 Parent Letter

Topic 10 Parent Letter

Topic 11 Parent Letter

Topic 12 Parent Letter

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Topic 14 Parent Letter

Topic 15 Parent Letter

Topic 16 Parent Letter