Classic Reads for Middle Schoolers

Reading is an adventure and often takes us to a place or time that we can not even imagine. A_wrinkle_in_time_digest_2007However, when we find a genre or author we like, we tend to get in a rut, reading the same type of story over and over, particularly if there is a series involved. After awhile, the reading may no longer be challenging as the plots and characters are likely to be very similar.

It is a good idea to intersperse the reading of a series or a particular genre with a book totally different in style and content. Below is a list of classic stories that all too often are pushed to the back of the shelves. And yet, there stories are tales that will excite and inspire young readers today just as they have through the ages!  An easy way to find a description of the story so you can determine if your child is ready for the content is to go to Barnes and Nobel and type in the title of the book. Enjoy!


A List of Classic Reads for Middle Schoolers