5th Grade Student Email/Google Apps Guidelines


Internet, Webbased, student Email/Google Apps accounts are provided to Villa Academy’s 4th, 5th and
middle school students for instructional reasons. Student access to their account is a privilege
with a corresponding degree of responsibility for the user. As an instructional tool, student
accounts are monitored and controlled by Villa Academy, in addition to being open for monitoring
by the student’s parent/guardian.
As administrators of the student account system Villa Academy will:
     ● Enable and disable student accounts as needed for instructional reasons.
     ● Access and read student Email for the purpose of monitoring appropriate student use.
     ● Supervise student use of the Apps system and report incidents to the appropriate administrator for action.
     ● Maintain a file of students’ signed agreement forms.
     ● Adhere to Staff Guidelines for the use of Instructional Technology.

Student responsibilities include:
     ● Students should never put personal information in their Email messages (name, phone number, age,    home address).
     ● Students must not use accounts in an inappropriate or offensive manner.
     ● Students will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology.

The Student email system has been configured with the following constraints:

  • Googe Talk aka: Chat has been disabled.
  • Not all of Google’s default services are enabled. See below for a list of currently enabled services. In the future, services may be enabled for educational use. An email will be sent to notify parents of added services.
  • Google Apps Available through Villa Student Accounts & Access Information Core services

         ● Gmail
         ● Drive and Docs
         ● Calendar
         ● Groups
         ● Sites
         Additional enabled services
         ● Bookmarks
         ● Books
         ● YouTube
         ● Maps
         ● News
         ● Picasa Web Albums

As part of your enrollment with Villa Academy, you have been provided with a Google based account
under the domain villaacademy.org. The account will allow for easier communication between
students and teachers while maintaining protections on the email account use and access.

Google Apps includes a suite of instructional tools including Calendar and Google Drive which
makes building an ePortfolio of work to share with teachers and other students as simple as
sharing a folder. This is a service extended to you to aid your learning and it may be restricted or modified if it is misused. By signing this document to use school provided Google Apps accounts you become
responsible for your actions with these tools and are accountable for them. This account is
provided as a support to the instructional process and consequently any and all messages are
open for review by the assigning instructor and administrators of Villa Academy. In addition, your
parent/guardian will know your username and password and have the ability to monitor your
Email at any time. In maintaining and securing the system, technology support personnel also
have access to the message traffic.

Follow these guidelines and apply common sense to evaluate your actions in using the system.
     ● Messages will not contain profanity, obscene comments or sexually explicit materials.
     ● Messages will not contain racist, sexist, religious or generation derogatory content.
     ● Respect for members of the school and general community is expected and should be expressed.
     ● User identity will be accurately reflected in all message traffic.
     ● No virus, program, or addition will be introduced into the system, which alters itsoperation, destroys or  damages data or renames or relocates files.
     ● Passwords, or other access codes or identifiers, are not to be shared by student users. No student is authorized to use any other person’s accounts.


As student I agree to abide by the guidelines for Villa Academy’s student email/Google

Print first and last name Signature Date
As parent/guardian I understand the guidelines for student email/Google Apps use at
Villa Academy.
Print first and last name Signature Date


To download a copy of this user agreement, click here