Best Friends, Worst Enemies (Book)

Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children
By Michael Thompson Ph.D.

“The social lives of children are a complex interplay of the group of individuals, of cliques and status hierarchies, of sustaining loyalty of a friend to a friend.”
“The ongoing paradox is that some children experience intense pain and grow from it, while other kids are crushed by their peers.”
“….in that moment of feeling helpless, parents can suddenly lose the knowledge that their child is socially capable.
“The securely attached child (a child who feels connected) can enjoy the company of others, learn to take turns and share, empathize, regulate aggressive impulses, cooperate, “read” emotions, trust and believe that we hold him or her in mind.”
“I think it is important that we share these stories with our children, the times we stuck up for someone or broke an unwritten rule in the name of friendship.”