Forming a Strong Partnership

tripod-camera130701I believe that education is a partnership; one that is shared by the student, parent, and teacher. We are like a camera tripod.  Together, we work to form a complete snapshot of your student at any given time during his/her journey through 5th grade.

I see my role in this partnership as providing the challenge, opportunity, and guidance for the best education possible for your child.  To accomplish this, I work to meet the individual needs of my students as best as I am able in a safe and fun environment. Helping each child develop a positive attitude toward themselves, others, and school is key to their success.  It is the role of the child to accept the challenges and opportunities set forth in the classroom and do his/her personal best throughout the year.  Your role, as a parent, is to be supportive and understanding listeners for your child. Communication will be key. Letting me know of any changes in routines at home, struggles your student may be facing, etc. will be helpful in helping me plan for your child’s well being in class  Fifth grade is a transitional year in a lot of ways.  We have left the primary years and are entering a new level of academic and social expectation.

My primary goal, beyond preparing the children academically for their future, is to instill in them a solid sense of personal responsibility.  This takes many forms; doing work by his/her self, being organized, planning ahead to complete projects on time, managing oneself, and owning up to mistakes to name a few.  You can help me with this by “letting go” even more this year and allowing your child to make his/her own mistakes. One’s academic career will not be forever tainted if a project isn’t picture perfect, you don’t answer questions that you are confident your child can figure out, drive him/her back to school to retrieve forgotten materials, or drop off work in the classroom that was left at home.  We need to work together to help our children become problem solvers, not dependent on us to solve problems for them. I like to think of it as boot camp for middle school!

Student-Parent-Teacher Partnership

What I expect from students:
÷    do his/her personal best most of the time
÷    develop a growth mindset (having the belief that one can continually improve through effort)
÷    be a risk-taker
÷    be respectful
÷    become organized
÷    be an independent thinker
÷    exhibit an enthusiasm for learning
÷    be a critical thinker and problem solver

Parent Involvement:
÷    be supportive of your child
÷    encourage the development of a growth mindset
÷    assist in providing a quiet work environment
÷    checking periodically to see how projects are coming
÷    reading all information that comes home or sent via email/website
÷    look over work folder with your child when it comes home
÷    dialogue with your child to get answers to your questions

What students and you can expect from me:
÷    enthusiasm and excitement for everything we do in class
÷    greet students personally at the door each morning
÷    provide opportunities so each child can rise to his/her   potential
÷    provide a safe environment for each child.
÷    be treated with respect
÷    foster a love of learning
÷    give opportunities for students to problem solve.
÷    provide an atmosphere that fosters development of independent thinkers
÷    continue to develop in the students a sense of personal responsibility
÷    continue developing a positive growth mindset in each child
÷    in the classroom, praise will be used to focus on a student’s effort rather than a perceived intelligence
÷    open and honest communication