All About Me

Brian and Kelly


Name: Karen L. Jones

Years Experience: 42 ( beginning 33rd at Villa!)

Grades Taught: Fourth and Fifth

Education: Seattle University, B Ed;  Extensive post-graduate work

Husband: Brian
Daughter: Kelly

Hobbies: Reading; Crafting; Camping

How it All Started:

As a toddler, my earliest exposure to the world of education involved accompanying my father to the campus of Seattle University where he taught Sociology for more than 40 years. While he worked I, was easily entertained by drawing on the slate blackboards found in the classrooms.  When I got older, I would often corral my siblings and neighborhood friends and “play school!” My dad had “rescued” old, discarded wooden desks from St. Joseph’s school and brought them home and put them in my family’s basement. There, I happily “taught” for hours on end.

Growing up, at the end of every quarter I would join my six siblings running around the dining room table, collating tests for one of my father’s  classes.  It became a race to see who could collect the pages and find the stapler the fastest. Oh, what fun to be a teacher, I thought!

Being deeply entrenched in a family of teachers, it was easy for me to decide, long before reaching high school that I wanted to be a teacher, too! I have never looked back!! I’m living my dream and it is my privilege to be teaching here at Villa