Authors, Authors, Everywhere

In fifth grade, I like to introduce the students to a wide variety of authors. It is very easy to become “stuck” reading the same author or genre over and over again. To help broaden the kids’ eLidod974Txperiences, two times a year, in the fall and again in the spring, I provide them with an opportunity to explore authors that they may not be familiar with. I also provide an “out” for those that want to read a book that is not by an author on the list. Instead they may choose a Newbery or Young Authors Choice Award book to read.

Today, I introduced our fall book project in class.  The students will have an opportunity to begin looking for their chosen book. In addition to reading the book, they have been given a packet to complete. I have suggested to them that they use post-it notes to mark the places of pages they want to come back to when working on the packet. The book and packet are due to be completed on Friday, November 17.

Once this portion of the project has been completed, the kids will be given directions for completing a Google Presentation that will be used to present the book to their classmates. This part will be due on December 11th. They will then sign up for a day to present during the week leading up to Christmas Break.

In addition to the two book project, it is expected that the students are reading at home. I do not require a particular number of minutes per week. Rather, each student has a Reading Passport. The expectation is that every time the kids have finished a chapter book, it is recorded in their passport. At then end of the trimester, I will collect this for review. The trick is remembering to record the books when completed. I have encouraged the kids to make a note in their planners each Monday throughout the year to help them remember to record their books!

Reading is one of my passions. No other vehicle can take you on so many adventures, to so many different places and meet so many different people than a book! I hope to continue to instill that love of reading in all of the kids.

For a complete list of authors, ask your child to see their document or take you to Google Classroom.

Happy reading!! :-)



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