Community Service Project

This next week, the fifth grade students have an opportunity to serve the greater Seattle community. Our

Feed My Hungry

Feed My Hungry

Cabrinian tradition compels us to educate out students to be compassionate people and to live the principles of our Catholic Social Teaching. As a way to actively engage in these goals, the students will baking pies to be served at a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Saturday to those who are in need of a good meal and companionship. The Catholic Social Teaching we will be living out is Called to Live in Family and Community.  Jesus knew that people need other people. We all need our family, friends, and neighbors. He tells us it is right that in our lives we should have these important people in our lives to help us. And, Jesus says, we must work to help them and those who do not have these same important people in their lives​, too. The pies are being baked​ for the Matt Talbot Center, an organization​ in downtown Seattle, offering hope, services and support to individuals who may be homeless or suffering from addictions and are ready to commit to change. ​

Each year, the Knights of Columbus of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Edmonds, call upon the parishioners to cook and provide all of the trimmings for their annual Thanksgiving meal, serving more than 300 people next weekend.For the past 13 ​years, Villa 5th graders have been baking pies to be served at this meal and our name is well known within the parish! It is quite endearing to see the looks of accomplishment and pride as the assembled pies make their way to the oven to be baked!  The students truly demonstrate compassion and service, two core Villa values, through this project!
​ 5B will bake their pies on Thursday afternoon and 5A on Friday afternoon.​

Each student will be working with a partner and will meet early this week to decide who will be bringing which ingredients and utensils to make the pies. I will provide the pie tins, pumpkin, eggs, dough, extra supplies, and enthusiasm for our project!

For more information about the Matt Talbot center, navigate to the “Fifth Grade Student” tab on
​this website and go to “Community Service.”

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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